Meet Branston Pickle

Hello On Point Pals,

I’m Branston Pickle, also known as Bran, Mr Pickle, Branny-Bran, Piccalilli and tons of other names like “NO!!” and “leave it”.

I’m a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer.

Mum says I’m a bit of a lunatic, but I think she means in a good way. Apparently I’m really handsome but a bit neurotic. Not sure what that last word means but people on walks people tell me i’m beautiful AAALLLLLLLL the time.

On Point Canine Boutique

I love running at the speed of light and learning new tricks!, but I’m not so brave when it comes to erm… water sports! Mum says thats not really a “proper” GSP attitude to the wet stuff but I don’t think swimming is that important

I love my veterinary nurse mum but I especially like going to work with my Landscape Gardener Dad as it means I get to see lots of people! I love my job as model for On Point and I think I’ve got a real shot at being a superstar!

London Fashion Show is calling…..