The good, the bad and the ugly…

We all like to brag about a success story don’t we… Focus on the good bits and smooth over the ugly parts.

In a way it makes us feel better. A version of keeping up with the jones’s I suppose.

In small business (especially when you’re new!) it’s the easiest thing in the world to hide behind a wall of social media and only put up “perfect posts”, but what about the times it goes wrong? Sometimes the best laid plans can go to pot no matter how organised you’ve been or how prepared you thought you were…

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Safety First!… Sassy Second!

Although On Point is in the business of fabulous fashion it may interest you to know that our love for your pooches and their welfare runs deeper than looks alone…

As well as a sewer of sorts, I am a full time registered veterinary nurse. So my care of duty to your pets health and safety is always at the forefront of my mind.

A collar is first and foremost a safety feature! oh yes! Before the days of dogs strutting their stuff on the cat walk in beautiful bright accessories, the primary function of the collar was simply to have something to get a hold of a dog by without grabbing randomly at any part of its body!

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How it all began…

Eleven days after getting married to my long term partner Nick, I found myself in the enviable position of relaxing in the sun, on a paradise island, a short distance off the coast of Varadero, Cuba.

Now almost everyone I had spoken to about marriage had said the same thing….

“Marriage changes nothing”,

“You won’t feel any different”

“It’s only a piece of paper”.

So I was somewhat surprised by the fact that over the past few days of our honeymoon (when I could finally start to relax and gather my thoughts together!) I had come to the startling conclusion that I did in fact feel very… VERY different.

I felt responsible.

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Poppy Photoshoot

So as we had some rare downtime from sewing we thought we would pop over to our friends at Frog and Field. Bran was super excited to meet his adopted sister Margaux and they had great fun frolicking. Margaux was a very naughty girl and played in the mud so this meant she wasn’t allowed to partake in the photoshoot. However Bran was a super star and posed in the poppies.

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